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Airline companies won’t operate any flight on Rohit Shetty’s ‘Dilwale’ release day fearing flying cars in the flight path

17, Dec 2015 By chachachaudhary

Mumbai: Air line companies now quite wary of Rohit Shetty’s skills in flying cars in the air, as a precautionary measure have decided to cancel all their flights on 18 December.

Cancel your flight tickets if you plan to travel on 18th December 2015
Cancel your flight tickets if you plan to travel on 18th December 2015

The CEO of Flying Monkey airlines that is well renowned for offering air travel in INR 99 (excluding everything) spoke to faking news that, “We respect Rohit Shetty’s talent. He makes up for the shortcomings in the story by making his cars achieve unimaginable altitudes. When his last movie was released our flight no. Airbus 420 headed towards Jhumari Talliya avoided collision with one of his flying Scorpio car at 35000 altitiude. This time as it is SRK movie car may go still higher and so we are not taking any chances. After the film is released and altitude and trajectory of each of his flying car is calculated and mapped then only we will resume our operations. Meanwhile we will sell tickets for INR 9 to many remote destinations for the year 2098.”

One stuntman from Rohit Shetty’s team revealed that this time they have fitted the cars with altimeters so after the first show of the movie they are going to send the altitude data for each of the flying cars ISRO and all the airline companies so they can manage their operations accordingly.

One of the award returnees defended the flying cars by saying, “Look the parking has become so intolerant that cars cannot stay and have to fly. I will definitely return my ‘Moron of the year award’.”Whereas one Delhi resident is confused about the odd- even rule as whether  it is applicable to travelling cars on road  or applicable to flying cars as well.”

NASA has already issued a notification that any UFO sightings on 18 Dec should not be speculated as alien arrival but it might be one of Rohit Shetty’s cars. The birds are planning for an extended holiday till Sunday to be safe till cars stop flying or at least their altitude or trajectory is established.