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Ajay Rai wants to go to jail for flaunting party symbol; Congress says, "Good, send Modi too"

12, May 2014 By idiot420

Varanasi. Soon after flaunting his party symbol at poll booth, Ajay Rai, the Congress candidate from Varanasi, has requested Election Commission to immediately send him to jail.

At the same time, Congress has asked BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi to follow Ajay Rai’s footsteps and get himself arrested in a similar case which is pending against him.

Ajay Rai
“I have committed a crime, hit me on my head with the mike which you are holding.”

Reportedly, Ajay Rai realized that he was committing such a heinous crime only after one of his close associate Gyani Shukla, who was standing ahead of him in the voting queue pointed at the Congress badge on his Kurta.

“The moment he saw the badge with party symbol, he removed it and threw it away, as if it was a bomb. He was yelling, ‘mujhse paap ho gaya, ab to prayashcit karna hi padega‘,” revealed Gyani, narrating the incident which happened at the booth.

“Ajay babu ran toward Ganga river and jumped into it to wash the sin which he committed by violating model code of conduct. Modi didn’t even go for Ganga aarti!” Gyani added.

Even after coming to know that an FIR has been lodged against him, Ajay Rai didn’t cool down. As per Mr Rai’s family members, he even whipped himself 100 times for his act.

Later, unable to get guilt out of his mind, Ajay Rai finally reached local police station to get arrested.

Sources say that an ugly spat took place between Mr Rai supporters and policemen. “Ajay Rai forcibly tried to get himself inside holding cell by breaking the lock. First time in my life, I saw someone breaking lock-up to get inside,” disclosed a source.

However, after policemen offered to arrest Ajay Rai in one of the 9 pending criminal cases against him, he ran away from the police station.

Meanwhile Ajay Rai’s own party Congress has given Election Commission the full freedom to take all possible measures to punish Ajay Rai and Narendra Modi.

“No disciplinary action is enough for the crime which Mr Rai has committed,” said Congress spokesperson Manish Tewari reacting to the situation. “But look at the modesty with which he is ready to accept any punishment. Mr. Modi don’t have guts to do that. He should take some inspiration from his rival in Varanasi and get himself arrested!”

Meanwhile, impressed with Ajay Rai’s love for the law, Congress has offered him PM post in UPA 3, which he refused.

“For god sake, there is a charge of flaunting party symbol near poll booth against me. Such a heinous crime! I have no right to become Prime Minister of this country,” said Mr. Rai.