Ajit Pawar to guide the governor while taking Deputy CM's oath again

27, Nov 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. Shiv Sena will form the government with NCP and Congress on 28th November when the oath-taking ceremony will take place. There are high chances that Ait Pawar will get the deputy CM’s post, the one he left yesterday after requests from uncle Sharad Pawar.

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Ajit has by-hearted the oath so thoroughly that he cannot commit a mistake even in his sleep. He has promised the Maharashtra governor that he will guide him during the oath.

Maharashtra governor Koshyari ji was having trouble reading out the oath during the first oath-taking ceremony and hence he wants Ajit to help him. Ajit was reading the oath-taking document in the hotel where other leaders were reading the menu. Ajit even identified some flaws in the document and has sent it for correction, he was the first one in the history of Maharashtra politics who identified such flaws. He has promised to help other states too in their oath-taking ceremony.

More and more state leaders are contacting Ajit ji to get the oath document verified by him. He is a busy man now. On 28th November, you will witness it for the first time that the MLA will guide the governor during the oath-taking ceremony.