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After Akhilesh gets ‘cycle’, Mulayam asks EC to give him ‘Pin’ so that he can puncture Cycle’s tyres

17, Jan 2017 By dasu

Lucknow: The spat between father and son is refusing to die even after Election Commission decided who will get party’s election symbol, the cycle. While Akhilesh has received the cycle that his father was riding for so long, Mulayam Singh has requested EC to allot him a ‘Pin’ so that he can puncture the cycle’s tyres. 

“Beta Cycle puncture kar denge tumhari, Baap hain hum”

According to our sources, Mulayam has requested for ‘Pin’ as his preferred election symbol. “He has already said that if Akhilesh is not going to listen to his advice and goes by what BJP agent Ram Gopal says, then he ‘might’ stand in election against him. If he is going to fight against Akhilesh, pin is the perfect symbol for him as he can puncture Akhilesh’s cycle with it”, said Akshay Yadav, national executive member of SP and part of Mulayam camp spoke to us anonymously.

Mr. Akshay went on to add, “Senior Yadav has sacrificed a lot to make this party and take it to the level where it is at today. Aaj ka chokra, Akhilesh should not forget that if Mulayam ji wanted to be Chief Minister in 2012 who could have stopped him? It is just that Mulayam Ji thought he could be PM in 2014 so why settle for CM seat. Unfortunately those Shah and Modi came to UP and ruined chances of our Neta Ji. Now Akhilesh wants to ride his cycle over Neta Ji only, let him try and ride it over our pin.””

Commenting on this baap-beta fight, an election commission observer based in UP said, “Bhai we have no clue what is going on, we are stuck in the climax of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro here, just that dead body is replaced with a cycle. One thing is for sure, we can’t allot two symbols to the same party so if Mulayam Ji wants a pin, he has to start another Samajwadi Party.”

However, Mulayam Singh is not too keen on starting a new party as he won’t be able to suspend Ram Gopal Yadav from that party.