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Alcohol manufacturers request Election Commission to conduct elections every year

12, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A group of alcohol manufacturers met Chief Election Commissioner, Nasim Zaidi, earlier today and asked him to conduct elections every year instead of holding them every 5 years. Alcohol distribution to attract voters is an integral part of Indian democracy and this results in a surge in profits for every alcohol manufacturer during elections.

Home delivered free alcohol, only during elections

Even though police confiscates Lakhs of liters of alcohol in every state, a lot more finds its way to the public and companies make profit either way.

After meeting the ECI, the leader of the group, Mr Batliwala addressed the press gathered outside. Explaining their demands, he said ,”We are not asking for annual elections only for our benefit, we are doing it to strengthen Indian democracy. Everyone complains that their MLA and MP disappear after elections and reappear only an year before the next election. If we have annual elections then these guys will have to work in their constituency all the time.”

Furthermore, he added ,”During every election, whether it is Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Municipality or even a University, our sales go through the roof. This is beneficial for our economy as well. More we earn, more taxes we pay, more revenue for the government. It also generates jobs, not just in our factories but also all the suppliers who supply bottles to eventual voters while hiding it from the Election Commission. Annual election will ensure a huge reduction in the unemployment numbers.”

When we asked who will fund these annual elections, Mr Batliwala said ,”Come on, we are also responsible citizens. As part of our Corporate Social responsibility, we will fund these elections. In return, just hold elections annually in every state and also for Lok Sabha.”

When we asked a senior politician his opinion on annual elections, he said ,”Won’t make any difference. Everyone is in campaign mode all the time anyway.”