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Amar Singh offers his services to UK politicians after elections gave hung Parliament

09, Jun 2017 By @jurnoleast

The turmoil over UK’s hung parliament found an unlikely saviour after politician Amar Singh offered his services to the political parties to end the impasse. Dubbed as kingmaker, Mr. Singh is seen as an expert in situations such as the current scenario post elections in UK.

Speaking to Faking News a source close to the development said, “No one really expected a result like what we have seen. No party has got a majority and now Teresa May refuses to step down. Everyone’s looking for a way forward. Some even wondering if there is possibility of Gatbandhan ki Sarkar.”

“Amar Singh is know to turn a few bolts and get the machine running. Hopefully his services will end the deadlock,” the source added.

Mr. Singh, who was last spotted in Justin Beiber concert wearing a kurta and pyjama, did acknowledge that he’s been sending feelers to his contacts in the UK. But those were to get tickets for Champions Trophy matches and nothing to do with UK elections. “Yeh log kuch bhi kehte rehte hain. Mujhe UK politics me koi interest nahi. Bas match ke tickets chahiye the. Socha waha jaake mallyaji se bi milke aaonga aur fir Metallica ka concert hai woh attend karunga. Kuch Paris mein fashion shows mein as guest bhi jana hai. Bas fir wapas India,” he said while speaking to our reporter.