Amit Shah reduces his claims of winning 22 seats in WB after Bangladesh gives a close fight to India in the Asia Cup Finals

01, Oct 2018 By Guest Patrakar

BJP President, Amit Shah was seen hesitating when asked about the number of seats he was confident of winning from WB in the upcoming general elections. However, a few days back Amit Shah was quite confident of winning at least 22 seats in WB and had been very vocal about it too. What changed?

Amit Shah

Political experts and psephologist believe that Amit Shah has lost the confidence of winning seats only because Bangladesh gave a close fight to India in the recent Asia Cup final.

“There are many Bangladeshis in West Bengal who now have voting rights too and they are not likely to go with BJP since it is too nationalist. Bangladeshis becoming strong and competitive clearly shows that the fight for BJP wouldn’t be as easy as the BJP president was thinking earlier,” said the political expert Pravin Patil.

Although Amit Shah hasn’t cited reasons for his hesitation to commit any numbers now, TMC leader, Mamata Banerjee is sure that the Asia Cup Final has played an important role in diminishing his political ambitions.