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Amrinder Singh shares copy of Rahul Gandhi’s embarrassing mark sheet to prove he was in school during 84 riots

27, Aug 2018 By @jurnoleast

Defending his earlier statement that Rahul Gandhi not responsible for 84 riots as he was in school at that time, Captain Amrinder Singh today shared Rahul’s school marksheet to prove his point.

The move however turned out to be an embarrassment for the Congress President, as the marksheet revealed some not so good facts about his academics. (At the request of Congress party Faking News will not be reproducing the content of the marksheet.)

While speaking to the media Amrinder Singh said, “I saw that many of you were still not convinced with my argument. So I am sharing Rahulji’s marksheet. Feast your eyes on it and see for yourself. He was in school at that time so how can you blame him. So what if the marks are not good. At least he has the courage to share it, unlike those in power who have things to hide and submit fake degrees.”

“Rahul is the low hanging fruit for the media. For BJP he is punching bag. But I feel he has been misunderstood all along. It is preposterous to blame him for something which took place when he was 13 years old. I agreee some of his statements give an impression that he is still 13, but that does not mean you can attribute the riots to him,” Mr. Singh said.

Congress Party has however dismissed Amrinder’s statement and said that the party President’s marksheet is not for public consumption. “That is not Rahulji’s marksheet. How can he score 20 out of 100 in English. I personally did all his homework and helped him study during exams,” said a surprised Shashi Tharoor.