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Analog Aadmi Party (AAP) condemns Digital India Initiative

26, Jul 2015 By flyinglama

New Delhi: Recently launched Digital India initiative, though lauded by the technology leaders of the world, has already found critics.

A protest by Analog Aadmi Party against the digital India movement.
A protest by Analog Aadmi Party against the digital India movement.

Analog Aadmi Party (AAP) has strongly condemned Digital India initiative terming it as classist and a disguised way of helping industrialists manufacturing digital equipment. They said this will only help rich people as common man still uses analog equipments like analog watches and radio.

Paparika Josh, a journalist world famous in India, came out with a tweet suggesting Government should have at least started Analog India initiative to maintain electronic fabric of India.

Bakshi Maharaj, a ruling party MP, strongly came out in support of the initiative stating that those who do not believe in digital should leave India. India was always a digital nation and will remain so.

Meanwhile, Kayawati has demanded reservations in jobs and education for those who still use analog equipments citing disproportionate investments in development of Digital Technologies as compared to Analog technologies.

Kayam Yadav has complained to Minority Commission, citing trampling on Analog enthusiast’s rights by the digital majority. He says only majority will benefit from this initiative.

Rahul Aandhi has put two conditions of supporting the initiative, first and foremost Chhota Bheem should be converted to digital format and second, Right to Digital should be passed in parliament give subsidies on iPhones to the poor people.

Ketan Fagat, world disowned writer, has said digital India will lead to increased pornography consumption. Anybody using digital technology is mostly male and frustrated and cannot get hands on even a half-girlfriend. These males will use digital technology to overcompensate their lack of social skills.

In another incident, an Analog extremist blew up a Digital store to record his protest. Analog timers were used for the act but Analog association says this act has nothing to do with Analog technology.

All these strong reactions highlight the divisive impact of Digital agenda. Embracing a technology with only two options 0 and 1 shows autocratic ‘my way or highway ideology’. It undermines the contribution of the all inclusive Analog technology which provides a continuum of options.