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Andhra speaker ask banks to launch lockers where women can be kept safe and secure

14, Feb 2017 By dasu

Amaravati: During his recent press conference, speaker of Andhra Pradesh assembly, Kodela Shiva Prasad said, “we see so many atrocities on women like eve-teasing, harassment, rape and kidnap simply because we are allowing women to be exposed to society. If we confine our women to homes like we safely keep our cars in garages, we will see a drastic reduction in sexual assaults on women.” Now taking his ideas of women safety a step further, Mr. Prasad has asked banks to start launcher facility where women can be kept safe and secure.

Park your women safely here

Kodela Shiva Prasad said it is all about women’s safety, so we must not stop by just parking women at home. In addition, we must ask banks to open lockers where women can be kept in a safe and secure manner. He has said that he would ask the government to take initiative in this regard soon.

“Even cars parked inside garages sometimes get damaged due to our negligence, so some kind of assault can potentially happen to our women even at home. That is the reason I asked for bank lockers for women which are relatively safer”, said Mr. Prasad.

Prasad went on to add, “One doesn’t need women all the time at home. So depending on your requirement, you can take them out of the locker. Take them out of the locker as per your need, use them, and then put them back inside the lockers. Please remember from we consider women in our families like Goddess Lakshmi, so keep them inside the lockers like we keep our cash.”

When we asked what about the cost associated with this ‘safe keeping’ of women as every family has multiple females, Mr. Prasad said, “Time has come for us as a society to evolve. We must not put a price on women’s safety. At the end of the day, it is our job to keep them safe and secure all the time. However, I would ask the government to make sure that the lockers meant for poor people are available at a highly subsidized cost.”

However, the banks aren’t taking his suggestion seriously yet as they are convinced that Mr. Prasad will soon issue a statement saying that he was misquoted.