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Animals in Bihar demand Fodder Security Bill in case Lalu returns to power

14, Jun 2013 By Pagal Patrakar

Patna. With the ruling BJP-JD (U) alliance headed for a break-up, animals in Bihar fear RJD’s return to power and a return of the Fodder Scam – which saw billions of rupees meant for animal welfare being siphoned off by corrupt babus and netas, forcing Lalu Yadav to resign as the Chief Minister of Bihar.

Fearing repeat of such scenario, the animals, led by buffaloes, have demanded “Fodder Security Bill” to be passed in Bihar before the current government goes and Lalu Yadav returns to run away with their food.

“We chose buffaloes as they stronger, boneheaded, and have thick skin, and thus can succeed in political maneuverings,” said Bakruddin, a goat.

Bakruddin is not too optimistic about future of politics in Bihar

“They are also seen as pro-RJD,” Bakruddin added.

Bakruddin further revealed that goats like him were the most scared among all the animals in the fast changing political equations of Bihar.

“The government could fall. Many ministers and their nephews could risk losing their jobs, and this may lead to some ministers sacrificing goats to save their jobs,” Bakruddin bared his deepest fears.

“We are most confused and afraid as we are seen as secular animals,” the sacrificial scared goat told Faking News.

Goats are hoping that the buffaloes will help them get this Fodder Security Bill passed and ensure that they don’t die of hunger; though the risk of them dying due to human beings’ hunger for power remains.

“Cows too are a part of this movement and hence we hope that BJP would support Fodder Security Bill,” the goat said.

Donkeys were seen distributing pamphlets among all the animals and birds, asking them to join the movement and secure their future. Hens, ducks, horses, sheep, etc. are already on board, the protesting animals claim.

“No comments,” Bakruddin said when this reporter asked if pigs too were part of the lobby that was pushing for the Fodder Security Bill.

Unconfirmed sources say that pigs, though among those who were hit by the Fodder Scam, are not too much concerned, as they believe that the ensuing mood in Bihar would be conducive to their well-being and happiness.