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Another Bansal nephew arrested trying to sell Railway Minister’s post

09, May 2013 By diggyleaks

New Delhi. The CBI today arrested another nephew of Railway Minister Pawn Kumar Bansal after he (the nephew) was caught red-handed accepting bribe for allegedly fixing the Railway Minister’s post.

The bribe was given by an agent of a prominent Congress leader, who is hopeful to become the next Railway Minister if and when Bansal resigns taking moral responsibility for the deeds of his nephews.

“Bansal’s nephew had promised the Congress leader that if given 90 lakhs rupees as ‘token money’, he will convince his maama (uncle) to resign from cabinet, thus vacating the berth for the interested leader,” a CBI source told Faking News.

Pawan Bansal
Pawan Bansal reacts after being informed about his second nephew

Maamashri is very fond of me. He will definitely quit once I ask him to. He never denies my requests like giving jobs to people I recommend,” Bansal’s nephew is reported to have promised the unnamed Congress leader.

The exact amount on which the deal was fixed is not confirmed, but sources say that the amount runs in 15 digits, though CAG could find a larger number.

The bribe-giving Congress leader, whose name is being kept secret for some reason, is said to be already holding a cabinet berth in the UPA government, but he was lured towards the Railway berth after he heard about the recent scam involving Rs 90 lakhs to fix a top post in the department.

“He must be in an unusually honest department, else who gets excited by 90 lakhs these days?” an expert wondered, “It could be an achievement by the government!”

Government sources too claim that the arrest of another nephew by the CBI is a shot in the arm of the UPA government as it hints at two positive possibilities – there is an honest government department and the CBI is not a caged parrot.

Meanwhile, Bansal distanced himself from his new nephew as well.

“I am a national leader; all Indians are my brothers and sisters, so their children automatically become my nephews. Linking all of them to me is absurd,” the running Railway Minister told Faking News.

“I will prove that I was not involved in this new scam by not resigning at any cost, and hope Shrimati Sonia Gandhi will support me on this issue,” Bansal added and thanked late Rajiv Gandhi for his vision of India.