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Anticipating poll outcome, Marvel Studios plans for Indian Avengers

26, Apr 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

Marvel Studios is planning to make an official rip-off of Avengers, based on Indian political scenario. The decision was taken in view of Indian elections becoming very popular in American and world media, such as Kejriwal and Modi topping the Time magazines poll and many foreigners coming on election tourism to India.

They have approached writer UR Ananthamurthy for writing the script of the movie, because many movies have been made based on his stories and novels already and also because of his famous self-exile statement.

Storyline will  be the avengers disrupting the parliament and the country by sitting on dharnas, organizing bands and walking out, in case Modi becomes PM. An invisible and powerful entity known as “Internet Hindu” might also be present in the story, which might be the main villain of the story.

Though full casting has not been finalized and will depend on the final outcome of the polls, few politicians have been approached and few have even accepted the offer, anticipating the poll results. Here are a few details about the movie and the cast, based on industry rumors and input from our sources. Casting is being done based on similarity of the characters with the politicians.

The secular Indian avengers.
The secular Indian avengers.

Tagline – If we cannot protect the country from communal forces, we will avenge it.

Captain India: Arvind Kejriwal (because his policies seem to be a throwback to the past, an attempt to revive blatant populism which was slowly becoming outdated. Also his frequent mention of country in his speeches, and AAP volunteers attending rallies with Indian flag, makes him favorite choice for this role.)

Hulk: Lalu Yadav (because of his dual personality. He lives in a multi-crore bungalow; when his daughters are married it causes uproar in parliament because so much money is spent. But while appearing in public he shows his humble origins by dressing shabbily and speaking with a desi touch.)

Iron Man: Rahul Gandhi (Being the leader of the largest party, he should have the privilege of taking the lead role. Though when it comes to coolness and dialogues, he might be the exact opposite of the Iron Man of the movie. This character might be named as Toffee Man in the movie.)

Nick Fury: Mulayam Singh (for seeing everything with one eye, nothing has any other aspect than what MSY thinks. And having his single eye only on chair, like Arjun in Mahabharata, and not caring about the cost. Also for his frequent proclamations about Third Front coming to power and him becoming PM. Karunanidhi is also a candidate for this role, because of his glasses, but his alignment is not clear as of now.)

Black Widow: Maya/Jaya/Mamta (a tough choice because they are so similar – unmarried, have been with BJP in the past, can easily jump sides and are self-centered. But Mayawati’s dress suits the role, because fighting in sari will be difficult what other two ladies wear. Final choice will be based on their alliance after elections.)

Hawkeye: Nitish Kumar (was with dark side under Loki’s spell until recently, but finally realized his secularism and joined The Avengers.)

Thor: Jaswant Singh is a leading candidate for this role. Because after being betrayed by Loki, he would like to take revenge and join the Avengers. Salman Khurshid is also a possibility because of his potent and macho personality.

Loki: Rumors are that Modi was approached for this role but he declined it, then the studio approached Advani who readily accepted the role on the condition that character should be based on Modi only and should have a name sounding similar to Modi.