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Apple faces boycott in Tamil Nadu after Tim Cook left India without bowing down to Jayalalitha

22, May 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Chennai: Tim Cook who has been moving around India and savouring the Indian way of life has been heavily criticized by AIADMK supporters after he didn’t pay a visit to Jayalalitha and congratulate her on her election victory.

Tim Cook
Tim Cook assuring an AIADMK supporter that he will meet Amma during his next visit

The AIADMK supporters are threatening boycott of all Apple products including even the apple fruit as a response to Tim Cook’s gross negligence. They are also planning to change the content in Tamil Nadu textbooks which would state that an orange fell on Newton’s head that made him think about gravity.

Speaking to Faking News, a senior party member of AIADMK said, “Now first of all many congratulations to Amma on her fantastic victory. Now coming to the matter of Tim Cook, we are very disappointed with him. He has been touring the whole country visiting almost everything in his way but he couldn’t find the time to come and visit Amma to bow down to her like all respectable people!”

“He had time to watch an IPL match, who watches IPL after CSK’s suspension? He could have easily visited Chennai on that day, touched Amma’s feet for a second and then be gone. We would have normally excused him had he not been in India, like we have excused Donald Trump or Obama or King Tommen and Cersei Lannister for not visiting Amma but he was right here. This is really offensive to us”, said the leader.

Meanwhile, supporters of AIADMK across Tamil Nadu were seen burning Apple fruit to register their protest against Tim Cook.

Apple shareholders have taken note of this protest and have asked Tim Cook to replace Apple logo with Jayalalitha’s face for the products to be shipped to Tamil Nadu. “We sent him to India to increase our sales and he closed down a major market for us? Now he must fix it”, a senior executive at Apple said.