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Apply sunscreen lotion before Surya Namaskar to prevent hurting religious sentiments: Experts

10, Jun 2015 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi. Those who were worried about secular fabric of India getting torn and religious sentiments getting hurt during International Yoga Day finally have something to cheer about. Experts have suggested that using Sunscreen lotions with proper SPF level while doing Surya Namaskar can prevent harmful UV rays from getting under the skin of your religious sentiments.

When Shaitaan Khodi™ asked experts which Sunscreen they recommend, they said, “Any sunscreen above SPF 56″ will do. Just avoid sunscreen from the Lotus brand.”

What a communal sight!
What a communal sight!

Since the formation of Modi govt in May last year, the Idea of India routinely finds itself at loggerheads with almost everything that was discovered, developed and nurtured in India including Sanskrit Language, Ayurveda, Gita and now Yoga. As a result the secular fabric of India has became so fragile that it cannot even face direct sunlight. This is the reason why champions of secularism are dead against Surya Namaskar and are protesting all across the country.

The only Indian invention so far not threatening anyone is ‘Zero’ since it is personally endorsed by Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi, says an imminent historian Ram Guha. He stopped short of attributing Nehru for invention of ‘zero’ but is of firm opinion that Nehru surely passed on the legacy of ‘zero’ in one form or another and must be credited for it.

Faking News which has completely failed to create any form of outrage on this matter so far and asked its reporters to write a story that can create controversy or put down the papers and leave India. Shaitaan Khodi™ got the clue and immediately went up to Yogi Adityanath hoping for some masala. BJP MP didn’t disappoint and said, “Ugte huye Suraj ko to duniya Salam karti hai. Lekin isi ko agar aap ‘Surya Namaskar’ keh do to mamla thoda communal ho jata hai.

As Faking News published the report, Times Now promtly copied it (without giving credit to FN of course) and put up on their website with the headline “BJP MP says those who can’t do Surya Namaskar must leave India and go to Pakistan”.