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Appraisal discussion between manager and employee turns into Congress vs BJP fight

23, Feb 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Noida. In a bizarre turn of events, an appraisal discussion between an employee and his manager turned into political discussion. Both, the manager and the employee started accusing each other of playing politics. The management has not taken any action saying that they would wait and watch till 2014.

This incident happened in Noida office of SysInfo Tech Ltd, a global MNC. As the financial year end is approaching, the process of appraisal discussions kicked off last week. The Project Manager of their TechFin arm Dhananjay K. Bose sent a meeting request to Senior Program Lead ‘Jignesh Modi’.

Modi first declined the request saying that he wants the discussion to happen in the Delhi office of the company. Dhananjay could not understand the reason behind it so he resent the invite. This time Modi accused him of trying to keep him away from Delhi.

Congress vs. BJP
Earlier a cloth shop in Delhi had witnessed an unitentional Congress vs BJP fight

After some intervention from other colleagues, Jignesh Modi accepted the invite and updated the meeting request with a link to Google Hangout. He also shared the link with his colleagues and told them that he will expose the corrupt manager calling him names like ‘ND Tiwari’.

This pissed off the PM (Project Manager) further. This time HR Manager Kapil Singh Bal had to intervene. He managed to convince Modi to drop the Hangout idea since appraisal discussion was a strictly one-to-one discussion as per the company policy.

On the day of discussion, when D.K. Bose started with the feedback, Modi started tweeting the same using his smartphone.

Following were some of his tweets during the meeting:

  1. Gaali session with DK today at 11
  2. DK Bose says I dont come office at 9. Bitch Please…  I always cum @ 9 not IST though.
  3. DK Bose says I dont take responsibility. I dont give a duck 2 what he thinks. Send me onsite if u want me 2 take responsibility.
  4. DK warns me not 2 use Kohli type language with US clients. How does he know? Was he tapping my call with customer?
  5. Extra hours my foot, itna paisa me itna-ich milenga #BhagDKBose
  6. This loser is denying my promotion to ProjMgr instead trying to promote that new guy Amulya Bose.#ModiForPM
  7. That Amulya Baby has not even finished induction training. #ModiForPM

D.K. Bose went on and on about telling Modi’s shortcoming for an hour and was almost sure that he has convinced Modi for a 3/5 rating when HR Kapil Singh Bal barged in the room and took away the cellphone from Modi.

Modi reacted sharply, accusing HR Kapil Singh Bal of blocking freedom of speech. D.K. Bose tried to calm him down by saying that such actions could terrorize people around. That was the last straw. Modi accused him of adopting Congress type tactics such as blocking freedom of expression and phone tapping. Modi demanded unconditional apology from DK Bose on ‘terrorize’ remark.

At the time of publishing this report, Modi was sitting on a ‘Dharna’ demanding resignation of Project Manager.

When we talked to DK Bose, he said “He has given 5/5 to himself on all the parameters, as if he is the only person doing any real work in the company. He let the servers hang during last production Go-live. He neither put additional servers nor tried putting any Firewall. A database with almost 2000 users went down and he kept watching. And what onsite he is talking about… let him first get a valid US Visa!”