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Aquaman also claims connection with Hanuman saying he was born from sweat which dropped while Hanuman flew over Indian Ocean

26, Dec 2018 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi: Amid the growing debate on Lord Hanuman’s identity, former Indian cricketer Chetan Chauhan has said that the lord was a sportsperson who is worshipped by many sportspersons even today, adding that his caste should not be discussed. Everyone wants a piece from Hanuman’s legacy. Even Aquaman is not left far behind.  BeFunky-collage (2)

“Aquaman” has a lot to celebrate this holiday season.

James Wan’s aquatic superhero adventure with Jason Momoa was the main draw for moviegoers looking to get out of the house on Christmas Eve. and Aquaman himself has claimed now that he is a part of Hanuman’s legacy. According to reports, Aquaman believes that he was born out of the sweat which dropped into the Indian Ocean when Hanuman was flying to the Indian Ocean.

Aquaman spoke to Faking News and had this to say, ” I got a dream last night that I am the son of Hanuman. Hanuman Ji was flying over the Indian Ocean and when his sweat dropped into the ocean it fell into the stomach of a female crocodile. I was given birth by that crocodile. All politicians in India who are staking a claim on Hanuman’s legacy are doing so without any proof. My story at least has proof. In my next movie I will show the audience about how I was born and then they will come to know.”

Meanwhile, politicians in India are finding new ways to associate with Hanuman.