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Arrested politician visits a private hospital for fake chest pain. Dies of heart attack after seeing the bill!

18, Dec 2016 By RT

New Delhi: A political leader has died of heart attack after seeing the bill from a private hospital where he got admitted with fake chest pain complaints.The politician, who was arrested 2 days back over a scam, faked the chest pain to stay out of lockup but ended up losing his life after that.

The bed where the politician breathed his last

“This hospital has historically been the bail facilitator for my father throughout his illustrious political career. Earlier, he never bothered to look at the bill amount as we had plenty of cash at home to pay the bills. However, with all our cash becoming waste paper after demonetisation, Papa had started looking at every bill before paying and that is what cost him in the end”, the politician’s son told Faking News.

“This time he was arrested over a scam of 10000 Crores. Bigger the scam amount, bigger must be the ailment to get out of prison so instead of just feeling unwell, he developed severe chest pain. Chest pain gives about a month’s stay at a hospital. What my father did not know was the billing model of private hospitals in India for critical illness and long stays”, the heir apparent, in political training, told Faking News.

“When we told him about the bill amount, my father held on to his chest and complained of pain and we immediately knew that he was not faking this time. He murmured something about his cut in the scam, for which he was arrested, was less than what these people are charging him. Then, he lost his consciousness and passed away the next day”, the new leader further added.

“I have informed the hospital authorities that I will settle the bill in 3 installments. 1st one now and the next two from the next 2 scams”, he explained the deal he had struck with the hospital. Faking News reporter made a note of the hospital name for any future reference.