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Arun Jaitley planning to dress up as Santa Claus to avoid CBI: Kejriwal

18, Dec 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: Not done yet with accusing Arun Jaitley, Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has now said that the Finance Minister is using all tricks in the bag to evade the CBI.

Arun Jaitley with folded hands requesting Kejriwal to stop cracking any more jokes
Arun Jaitley with folded hands requesting Kejriwal to stop cracking any more jokes

While speaking to the media at a press conference, the AAP leader said, “After thousand tweets and countless media briefings I have absolutely no doubt that the CBI is convinced and is now under our control. Soon the truth about the case will be in public and Jaitleyji also knows that. I have come to know from my sources that he (Arun Jaitley) will wear the santa outfit and move around Delhi to give CBI the slip. He is also planning to move all documents and incriminating evidence in the santa bag, so that no one suspects.”

AAP leaders have also said that they are not going to be fooled by this ‘fancy dress’. Apparently, AAP volunteers will be out on the streets in an attempt to catch the FM red handed.

Party member Kumar Vishwas said, “If Mr. Jaitley can dress up as Santa, hum bhi kuch kam nahi. Most AAP members will be patrolling the streets, especially on Christmas Eve. I am planning to dress up like Cindrella and Ashutosh as Batman. We won’t let Mr. Jaitley get away so easily.”

BJP has called Arvind Kejriwal’s statement as blasphemous, preposterous, sacrilege, farcical and similar other words that need a quick glance at the dictionary.

“Arvind Kejriwal is getting hysterical. Our party will strongly protest against his statement that Mr. Arun Jaitley will be dressing as Santa. I mean, does he even look like a Santa. If Mr. Kejriwal has said something similar about Amit Shah or Nitin Gadkari, we would not have escalated the issue, but the Delhi CM definitely needs to get his eyes checked put an end to this Comic Con,” said Sambit Patra, spokesperson for BJP.