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Arvind Kejriwal accidently slaps himself while killing mosquito, AAP supporters beat him up

04, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Delhi. While trying to kill a mosquito sitting on his cheek, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal accidentally ended up slapping himself. However, the sight of Kejriwal being slapped angered his supporters so much that they ended up attacking the assaulter i.e. Kejriwal himself.

Sources tell Faking News that the AAP supremo was constantly urging his supporters to calm down, but the emotionally charged up supporters didn’t listen to their leader.

Kejriwal Attacked
Kejriwal’s close aides taking him away from the angry supporters.

“We won’t let anybody hit Kejriwal sir, even if it is Kejriwal sir. We will teach a lesson to anyone daring to intimidate our leader,” said a furious AAP supporter when asked about the reason why he attacked his own party leader.

AAP supporters cooled down only after Kejriwal cleared the doubt and revealed that it was a mosquito that he was trying to kill, and that there was no intention of hurting himself.

Kejriwal further blamed BJP to clam down his supporters.

“What I felt from my short interaction with that mosquito that it was trained. I think BJP and Ambani are behind it. Considering the amount of money they have, they can do anything,” the former CM of Delhi lashed out at the saffron party.

“Those who have hatched this plan knew that my supporters were going to attack me if I accidentally slap myself. They capitalized on the anger of the AAP supporters and tried to disturb internal peace of my party,” Kejriwal exposed the devious plans.

While the AAP chief was successful in calming down the supporters, he was shocked to see such reaction from them. Sources say that the party is thinking of organizing anger management classes at their office in Delhi.

Meanwhile the allegedly “paid mosquito” is still at large and AAP members are searching it in the streets of Delhi.

Party insiders reveal that in Chandni Chowk area they have spotted a mosquito sitting along with a swarm of mosquitoes as if they were doing some kind of dharna.

“This must be him!” claimed an AAP member who menacingly advanced to kill the mosquito.