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Arvind Kejriwal says CNG price hike forced him to take Metro

27, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. The recent CNG price hike in capital has claimed its first victim and it is none other that incumbent chief minister Arvind Kejriwal.

After reports of him traveling by metro started making rounds, Kejriwal blamed hike in the CNG prices as the reason behind him abandoning plans to reach Ramlila Maidan in his CNG run Wagon R and choosing metro instead.

Kejriwal conducting mock referendums inside Metro before the D-Day. (Source)
Kejriwal conducting mock referendums inside Metro before the D-Day. (Source)

“In my over enthusiasm I refused all perks and benefits that I was entitled as a CM, but started regretting it minutes later and realized I will have to cut down on my personal expenses now to take care off my family,” AAP president explained the reason behind his move.

He further rubbished allegations that it was one of his many stunts to impress Aam Aadmi of the city and part of his populist measures to do away with VIP culture.

“If that was the case I would have traveled by RTVs or DTC buses, haggled with conductor, fought with co-passengers en route, asked them my father’s name and reached my destination. That would have been the real Aam Aadmi experience,” Kejriwal argued.

Stressing on how every minute of his tenure is important, Kejriwal has decided to utilize the time spent inside metro to do some constructive work. He would organize small sabhas inside metro trains to know problems of Aam Aadmi traveling by it. He would also take their referendum on whether he should get his metro card made for daily commute or travel by RFID tokens.

There were also rumors of Yogendra Yadav requesting Kejriwal to do some surveys while on board but he refused.

“If these meetings are successful, we would implement it on every metro route,” he declared.

After DMRC authorities came to know of Kejriwal’s plan, they issued a preemptive warning to him asking him to not violate rules by sitting on floor like last time.

“The last time he traveled in a metro, despite our warnings he sat on the floor despite empty seats being there and argued this VIP culture of sitting on seats needs to go as the common man of the city still can’t afford chairs to sit at home,” DMRC chief recalled.

Meanwhile Aam Aadmi of Delhi is relieved that decision to hike CNG rates was taken by centre govt and not the incumbent state govt.

“Thank god it’s a decision by centre government and not by Delhi CM, else people would have blamed me because Kejriwal has already declared that it was aam aadmi who was the CM, not him,” a man from Vikas Puri said breathing a sigh of relief.