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Arvind Kejriwal to be sworn in as CM on the 14th & declared Leader of Opposition on the 15th

11, Feb 2015 By Rohith DSouza

New Delhi. In a literal indication of its party symbol, the AAP has swept the Delhi Assembly elections winning an astonishing 67 out of 70 seats. Arvind Kejriwal will be sworn in as the Chief Minister on the 14th of February.

The BJP has failed to win the minimum amount of seats required to claim the Leader of the Opposition post after winning just 3 seats.

Kejriwal lashing out at himself saying,
Kejriwal lashing out at himself saying, “Kejriwal ji ne apne koi vaade pure nahi kiye

Trying to exploit this situation, Arvind Kejriwal is divinding his MLAs into two categories. 35 out of the 67 AAP MLAs will be in favor of the government focusing on governance & development and the remaining 31 will sit in the opposition focusing on dharna and stalling assembly and will call themselves the AAPosition, a term is coined by Ashutosh.

A day after swearing in as the next Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, the 67th MLA, will appoint himself as the Leader of the opposition on the 15th of February. Depending on the circumstances, he will either be the Chief Minister or the Leader of Opposition at any given point of time.

When asked about this bizarre move he said, “It is not our fault that BJP performed miserably and got only 3 seats. Now because of their pathetic performance we have to also be a constructive (cough cough) APPosition”.

A delighted bunch of AAP Leaders were quick to support the idea. “For e.g. if Kejriwal Ji decides to do dharna or sleep on the footpath, he will do it in the capacity of the LOP,” said Ashutosh, who is eager to sit in the AAPosition.

After much criticism for his dharna politics when Kejriwal was the Chief Minister for 49 days in 2013, the party believes that the media and Delhiites won’t be able to blame “CM Kejriwal” if he decides to sleep on the footpath or tears electricity bills, but the blame has to go to “LOP Kejriwal”.

A very lethargic sounding Yogendra Yadav said. “One cannot just switch off from being an activist completely. Kejriwal Ji is very good at it and we want to use his special skills to form an effective AAPosition to the AAP government”.