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Arvind Kejriwal's covert operation to unearth corruption of Lalu and Nitish, by appearing to be their ally

27, Aug 2015 By manithan

New Delhi/Patna: Delhi CM and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal lent his support to Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav for the upcoming Bihar elections. While this is seen as a move to defeat BJP in Bihar, many anti-corruption crusaders who supported Kejriwal were disappointed by his move.

Kejriwal to Nitish,
Kejriwal to Nitish, “You take this chair now, I will take your chair later.”

Our Investigation team seeks to expose the covert operation of Arvind Kejriwal in nabbing the famous corrupt Lalu and his new dost Nitish Kumar.

First, our investigation team tried to contact several important heads in AAP to find out the reason behind Kejriwal’s sudden friendship with Nitish-Lalu.

“Initially, I could not believe that our Kejriwalji was going to team up with Nitish-Lalu. We were anxious over how to take forward our anti-corruption movement. But, one of our members from the top brass who is in direct touch with Kejriwal cleared all our doubts. Kejriwal is on a secret operation to nab the duo. He will try and move closer to them and will win their confidence. And finally, he will go to the depth of the corruption and bring out the corrupt. Our Kejriwalji is more like Radhe of Wanted. He acted like a ruffian to bring the evil ruffians to jail, our leader will act as an ally of corrupt to send the corrupt behind bars,” said one leader from Delhi unit, on conditions of anonymity.

After gathering this explosive info, we then confirmed this with several other state unit leaders of AAP. Bihar unit leaders also sounded affirmative on this info.

One top leader of Bihar unit said, “This is a covert operation. I hope that you don’t publish this. First, Arvind will try to find out important contacts in the Nitish-Lalu duo’s camp. Then, he will track down the list of politicians and their benamis. Finally, all the routes of corrupt money will be traced and a big dossier will be prepared.”

“But we have planned to stay mum on the whole covert ops till the announcement of Bihar election results. By then, Kejriwalji would have defeated BJP in the elections. After the win, Kejriwal will expose the corruption history of Nitish and Lalu. Then, they will be sent to jail and Kejriwal will be coronated as CM of Bihar. He will be functioning as CM of both Bihar and Delhi. If Bihar governor tries to intervene Kejriwal, then he must be mostly a Modi agent, like LG Najeeb,” concluded the Bihar AAP leader.