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Arvind Kejriwal sneezes during court hearing, critics term him a dramebaaz

23, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

New Delhi. Latest reports suggest that Arvind Kejriwal has once again tried to spread anarchy and chaos by sneezing during the hearing of defamation case filed by BJP leader Nitin Gadkari.

Some prominent journalists, who were present in the court room, accused Kejriwal of not even using handkerchief to cover his mouth when he sneezed. India News’s Deepak Chourasiya termed it as a malicious attempt at infecting Nitin Gadkari’s lawyer with bacteria.

Kejriwal shocked by the tsunami created because of his sneeze.

After he sneezed four to five times, Arvind Kejriwal clarified in court: “tabiyat thodi theek nahi hai, meri patni ne kuch dawai di thi… main maafi maangta hoon agar mere chhikne se kisi ko takleef hui ho.”

As soon as the statement came out, various political leaders and critics accused Arvind Kejriwal of doing drama in the court.

“Why did Kejriwal not go to a doctor to take advice? He can pay Rs 85000 per month as rent of CM bungalow, but he cannot pay doctor’s prescription fee. Waah re drama-king! But Delhi’s people are very smart, they would not vote for dramebaaz again,”  said an angry BJP worker.

BJP Mahila Morcha protested in front of AAP headquarters, and accused Kejriwal of defaming entire womanhood by insulting his wife.

“He said that his wife gave him some medicine, but he sneezed in the middle of court hearing to give an impression that his wife didn’t give him proper medicines. Earlier too, he did not even think about his family and decided to not to give bail bond. He is a bhagoda who left his family. He should apologize to his wife and entire woman population of India who 24×7 care for their husbands,” argued a protester.

AAP spokesperson Ashutosh claimed that Arvind Kejriwal was arrested because he sneezed. “If sneezing is crime, then arrest me too! I am sneezing in front of you, aaakchhhi!” shouted the AAP leader outside court.

BJP leader Harshvardhan too accused Arvind Kejriwal of doing drama and taking U-turns.

Pahle wo kahte the ki uparwala unki suraksha karega, to ab kaise unki tabiyat kharaab ho gayi? Har baat par U-turn! Ab to bhagwaan ne bhi saath chhod diya inka, dilli ki janta ne jis tarah inka sath nahi diya chunavo me,” he said.

While news channels were repeatedly running stories against his son,  Arvind Kejriwal’s father wondered why some people were literally abusing his son on social media and other platforms.

Usne kisi ka kya bigada hai..??” the teary eyed father told this Faking News reporter.