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As Jayalalitha set to come out after getting bail, her supporter living inside jail tries to commit suicide

17, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Bangalore. Soon after the news of ex-Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha’s bail being granted became public, Santosh Balakrishnan, an ardent supporter of hers, who was living in the same jail, reportedly tried to commit suicide.

If Jayalalitha’s party AIADMK is to believed, just the idea of not being able to see Amma inside the jail anymore drove Santosh to depression and madness.

A scene from inside the jail.

“Santosh was not inside his cell when he came to know about the news. Once informed about Amma’s bail, he started running here and there in restlessness, and finally jumped from a height of 8 stairsteps. Thanks to Amma, her blessings saved Santosh, and he survived with just a simple bone fracture,” said the current CM of Tamil Nadu, Panneerselvam, as tear trickled down his cheeks.

However as per jail insiders, initially the whole incident looked like an accident where Santosh lost his physical (not mental) balance while coming down stairs.

“Within a couple of hours after the incident, a few outsiders met Santosh. It was only then, that a suicide letter surfaced up in which Santosh explained why he tried to commit suicide by jumping from a lethal height of five feet,” revealed a jail security personnel on the condition of anonymity.

But AIADMK leaders flatly rejected any kind of manipulation from their side, and hailed Santosh as one of the craziest supporters of Jayalalitha.

“You see, Amma’s fans inside the jail are killing themselves as they don’t want her to go out, while fans outside the jail are killing themselves as they don’t want her to remain inside. This is what we call a mass leader. Everyone wants her everywhere, just like God,” a senior AIADMK leader told Faking News, adding that they are planning to place a statue of Jayalalitha inside the jail for fans like Santosh, “And that statue will be autographed by Amma herself.”

Meanwhile, considering more of such suicide attempts could take place, security inside the jail has been beefed up.

“We have made sure that floors inside the jail are clean, so that noone slips. Mosquito repellent is being used to prevent inmates from dengue and other kind of illness. And finally, we have upgraded the quality of food being served, so that no one complains of an upset stomach,” elaborated Jail In Charge giving security brief to the media.