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As Kejriwal quits, Delhi man clueless what to do with the sting operation he did

15, Feb 2014 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Karamchand Pradhan, who did a “setting” with a babu in Delhi government’s PWD and carried a sting operation on him, is now clueless as to what should he do with the 30 minutes long video clip that he has.

Karamchand was inspired to do this sting operation after the then Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal urged every Delhi resident to do a “setting” with a corrupt officer, pay the bribe, and record the whole process from a hidden camera.

“Now Kejriwal along with his government has resigned! What do I do with this 2GB of explosive data!?” Karamchand wondered.

The 36-year-old sales executive in an MNC had spent considerable time, energy, and money in this sting operation.

“Unlike the media guys, we are not trained to do such things,” he told Faking News, “I was also cheated by the Paalika Bazaar guy who sold me a faulty spy camera. Nothing was recorded for the first time when I paid the bribe!”

Karamchand was hospitalized for one week after he was thrashed by Paalika Bazaar shopowner when he wanted refund for the faulty spy camera.

Arvind Kejriwal
Karamchand too is thinking what went wrong

“The money spent on that stupid spycam was wasted, the first bribe amount was wasted, and I had to pay hospital and medicine costs over all that!” the Delhi aam aadmi recalled how his crusade against corruption came at a cost.

“And don’t even ask how much time I had to invest. I wonder how will I meet the sales target for this financial year!” he rued.

“But I was hopeful that all these costs will be reimbursed as Kejriwal government must have thought about innovative ways to subsidize sting operations,” Karamchand said, “So I decided to conduct another sting operation using a better and reliable spy camera.”

The biggest challenge for Karamchand was to pay the bribe again for the same job to the corrupt babu. For this he decided to win the trust of the babu by extending the “setting”. He decided to cement his fake friendship with him, in the process spending on restaurant bills and gifts, and finally he popped up the question.

Sir, aur jaldi nahi ho sakta kaam. If we go by all the rules, it will take a lot of time. Thoda aur le ke jaldi kar do,” he proposed, and his proposal was quickly accepted on Valentine’s Day.

That evening Karamchand did another sting operation, this time with a spy camera that had better quality (BJP insists that the camera was bought from Gujarat, but Faking News couldn’t confirm it from independent sources) and he recorded the whole process of bribery.

The same evening, Kejriwal resigned.

bhen!” was Karamchand’s first reaction when he saw the news on TV.

When contacted by Faking News, AAP spokesperson Ashutosh said that there was nothing to worry about or feel sad over.

“Karamchand, if he’s not working for an MNC controlled by Mukesh Ambani, should not worry. He should support us,” Ashutosh said, “He should upload the video clip on YouTube and we will re-tweet the link and paste it on orkut.”

“Sorry, Facebook,” he added, “We can also show them in a press conference and he can join us and be on TV.”

However, Karamchand is not impressed with such plans.

“I didn’t do it for Twitter or TV,” he said, “I did it because I thought we had a new system in place.”