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As Kejriwal’s blood sugar level rises, doctor advises him to not listen to Yogendra Yadav

02, Mar 2015 By idiot420

New Delhi. The apparent rift between AAP leaders Arvind Kejriwal and Yogendra Yadav appears medical, and not political, the latest reports suggest.

As Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is not feeling well due to increase in blood sugar level, his doctor has advised him to not listen to the soft spoken AAP leader Yogendra Yadav, whose voice is famous for being extra sweet.

As per Dr. Naresh Batra, who is treating AAP supremo, constant overexposure to Yadav’s voice over months could have resulted into the increased sugar level.

Yogendra Yadav
“My voice is sugar free, believe me”

“But in case of an emergency, I would advise him to take an insulin shot before meeting Yogendra Ji,” said Dr. Batra adding that best option for Kejriwal would be to chat with Yadav on WhatsApp, if talking to him is that necessary at all, “I know, such sweet voice is too hard to resist. But as Arvind is the CM of Delhi, health should be his prime concern. People need him.”

While Many AAP activists are convinced with this argument and have blamed media for creating an artificial fight between Arvind and Yogendra, conspiracy-theory enthusiast and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has warned Kejriwal of a possible plot by Yogendra Yadav camp to destabilize his health.

“YY is working on this undercover project to increase Kejri’s sugar level for months,” read a tweet of Mr. Swamy, who tweeting further suggested that to counter the effect, Kejriwal should listen to Ravan’s laugh. “I will mail him YouTube links of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan,” he tweeted.

However, reacting sharply to doctor’s allegations and making a scathing attack, Yogendra Yadav has reportedly asked him, “Aur bhai sahab, kya haal chal hai? Aaap ye kaise kaise behude aarop laga rahe hain? Ghar parivar par sab kushal mangal na?

Meanwhile, taking matters into his own hands, AAP leader Kumar Vishwas has promised Delhi public that he would be reciting his poems to Mr Kejriwal for an hour daily.

Koi deewana kehta hai, koi pagal samajhta hai, magar dharti ki bechaini ko bas badal samajhta hai. Just give me a week, Arvind’s blood sugar level will be back to normal,” a confident Mr. Vishwas told Faking News.