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Ashamed of Azam Khan's comment on Kargil war, his buffaloes run away, once again

09, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Jalalabad. Azam Khan’s world famous buffaloes are once again on the run. This time they were irked by their master’s careless comment about Kargil war heroes and martyrs.

Azam Khan, the secular Samajwadi Party leader, who is habituated of making inflammatory speeches to maintain his secular credentials and harmony in the society, had earlier said that only Muslim soldiers sacrificed their lives during the 1999 Kargil War.

Azam Khan
“They are communal and fascist buffaloes”

Khan’s noble and secular attempt of trying to analyze Indian Army’s effort on religious lines resulted into a tough life for his buffaloes in their social circle.

In a secret interview to Faking News, one of Mr Khan’s buffaloes, Billo Rani disclosed the reason why they escaped.

“In the evening when we were out in the field grazing, other buffaloes from nearby households told us ‘we are bigger than your master’s akal‘ with reference to the proverb ‘akal badi ya bhains‘. As buffaloes we were happy, but we were ashamed to get associated with Azam Khan’s name, so we ran away,” Billo Rani recounted the scenario under which they had to run away again.

Billo Rani further revealed the reason why they had run away last time.

“He was trying to get our names registered as voters so that we could vote for him. He is so obsessed with vote that he will do anything for that, that was why he ordered all the officers to make sure that we return to him,” the buffalo claimed.

But this time, in order to maintain their sanity, Billo and her 6 colleagues are trying every possible way to remain at large and not return as merely vote bank for the Samajwadi Party leader.

However, Azam Khan has rejected the allegations made by his buffaloes and said that they were under influence of communal forces.

“This is what happens when people like Amit Shah comes to secular places like UP. Even my buffaloes have turned communal,” said Azam Khan, making scathing remark against his political rival.