Being asked to comment on the big actor's visit to JNU, Amit Shah says he did not see Taimur in JNU

08, Jan 2020 By Santosh Pradhan

New Delhi. Two days after masked goons attacked students and teachers at Delhi’s Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), actor Deepika Padukone visited the campus in a show of solidarity with the students.  Her visit brought many negative comments on Twitter and other platforms where people said that she was there to just promote her movie.


In fact, Amit Shah ignored it completely and on being asked what are his views on the big actor visiting JNU, he said that he has not seen Taimur in JNU or anywhere near to Delhi. This implies that Amit Shah considers Taimur as a bigger star than Deepika and other actors who have been protesting against the government.

Big actors like Amitabh, SRK, Salman, and Taimur have not uttered a word on the JNU attack, and that makes the home minister feel safe about his government. According to him, these are the 4 biggest stars based on popularity and income tax payments.

Amit Shah has planned to personally visit Taimur and thank him for his wonderful gesture of speaking or let’s say not speaking on the issue. Kareena and Saif told the reporters that Taimur is already preparing for the role of Mr. India and hence is invisible in most of the protests.