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Atul Anjan now targets diaper commercials, says they promote excessive susu tendency in babies

06, Sep 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Kolkata: Talking to various secular and normal news-channels, senior communist leader Atul Anjan has lashed out at the diaper commercials and has instructed the central government to stop the broadcasting of all forms of diaper advertisement in print, electronic and social media, with immediate effect.

Sunny Leone and Diapers done, what next?
Sunny Leone and Diapers done, what next?

According to Anjan, the diaper advertisements which showcase excessive absorption capacity are actually provoking the babies to pass susu more frequently thereby dirtying the moral fabric of the country.

Speaking at a press conference Anjan spoke on this issue in scathing words and said, “These advertisements are ridiculous, as they are promoting the innocent babies to do excessive susu. And the worst part is that a lot of fabric and cloth becomes dirty and is wasted because the mothers of these babies try to keep them clean even when they are not wearing diapers. I am strictly against dirtying of any kind of fabric in this country, be it normal fabric or moral fabric.”

He further continued, “You can call us Marxists, Leninists, Communists, Illusionist, Machinist, Pianist whatever but we believe in welfare of all people, except people in Nandigram. They are not even “people”, I believe. So when we care for people so much then we are the ones who will decide how many milligrams of susu and potty will each person in out rule, release every day, especially the babies. We the communists actually control the urine cycle of babies and it’s high time diaper companies stop interfering with that.”

He was later seen severely scolding people who were queuing outside the men’s restroom after the press conference concluded.

While diaper companies and central government have not replied to Anjan’s sharp accusations, Anjan is taking this campaign even a step further. He has decided to visit each and every household in West Bengal and coach the babies of that household on effective susu practices.