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Azam Khan to build a black Taj Mahal for his alive buffalo, and will gift it to Waqf Board

21, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Agra. In order to pressurize government into fulfilling his demand of handing over the Taj Mahal to the central Waqf Board, UP’s Minority Affairs minister Azam Khan has decided to build a black Taj Mahal for his alive buffalo, and upon completion he will gift it to the Waqf Board.

By doing this, Azam is trying to set an example that whatever he is demanding is indeed possible and reasonable.

Get ready for the competition.

“As I am a Muslim and follow Islamic practices, this makes my buffalo closer to Islam than any other religion. So obviously, if I am going to build any public monument for her, it should be handed over to the Waqf Board,” Azam explained the logic.

As per experts, by building another Taj Mahal and gifting it to the Waqf Board, Azam Khan wants to pass a strong message to the rest of the country that how serious he was regarding this issue.

“It will not only catapult his image of a strong Muslim leader but will also fulfill his long-pending desire to build a masterpiece for his favorite buffalo,” revealed a close aide of Azam Khan on the condition on anonymity.

If conspiracy theories are to be believed, last time when Khan’s buffaloes ran way, it was not an accident. Apparently Azam Khan wanted to a build a Taj Mahal in memory of one his buffaloes, and for that, he wanted the buffalo to go missing.

“As she was his favorite buffalo, he couldn’t kill her. So, he planned to drive her away. But an afraid UP government and local police immediately started a search operation and finally found her. This destroyed Khan’s plan to present himself as someone who had lost something very close to his heart,” disclosed Samajwadi Party insider explaining how Azam ended up with the decision to build a Taj Mahal for his alive and not even missing buffalo.