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Azam Khan’s buffaloes devastated after their DNA found similar to that of Abu Azmi

02, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Rampur. Senior SP leader Azam Khan’s buffaloes have gone into depression ever since a DNA test conducted on them has found their DNA to be almost the same as that of Abu Azmi.

Their disenchantment came to light after one of them tried to commit suicide.

“We found CDs of Mualayam Singh Yadav’s speeches from her possession,” SP of Rampur confirmed the suicide attempt.

Earlier today, acting on the advice of Abu Azmi, Azam Khan had ordered a DNA test on his buffaloes to find out their faith and loyalties. Azam had plans to sacrifice and eat those buffaloes who were revealed to be infidels. However to his relief, all his buffaloes had a similar DNA to that of Abu Azmi.

Azam Khan buffaloe
Visibly shattered.

Though Azam Khan was delirious, his buffaloes were a shattered lot, with many of them having vomiting sensations after realizing that Abu Azmi was one of them.

The fact that they turned out to of same faith as that Abu Azmi not only shocked them but also left them confused.

“How can DNA of a buffalo and a donkey match?” wondered 16 year old buffalo Shazia who had earlier tried to escape from Azam’s custody.

Buffaloes, who were earlier facing tough competition from their owner Azam when it came to producing bullshit were, now worried that with Abu Azmi too in fray, they may have to eat more.

Buffaloes are further worried that since it is established from their DNA that they were Azmi-certified-Muslims, they might be hanged if they are found mating.

However, some close and intelligent animal friends of buffaloes tried to console them by arguing that there is no way to find out anyone’s faith through DNA test, and hence they need not worry.

While some buffaloes made peace with the fact, but some weak-hearted buffaloes were just not ready to buy it and were seen considering animal change operation on the lines of sex change operation.