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Azam Khan's buffaloes run away once again, to shift media attention away from UP riots

28, Jul 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Azam Khan’s famous buffaloes have come forward to rescue their master and Akhilesh government by running away once again, reportedly in an attempt to to shift the media attention away from Saharanpur and Moradabad riots.

Although media is not holding Akhilesh Yadav directly responsible for riots and is busy discussing the root causes of communal discontent in the society, the buffaloes decided to help before media found its moral compass.

Faithful Billo Rani.

“Everything was completely  under control and there was no deafening demand of further scrutiny into the riots. I was safe, Akhilesh was safe; yet my dear buffaloes panicked and decided to do whatever they could do,” said a teary eyed Azam Khan.

The UP minister added that his buffaloes were well aware of their celebrity status in media, and they tried to capitalize on the same.

In an emotional appeal, Azam Khan along with other Samajwadi Party leaders, requested the buffaloes to come back home.

“Dear Billo Rani and others, please come back, everything is normal. Your Mulayam Chacha and Akhilesh Bhaiya are very worried, and because of which they can’t concentrate properly on helping riot victims,” Azam Khan pleaded while addressing a press conference.

After seeing tears in eyes of Azam Khan, Akhilesh and Mulayam too failed to control their emotions, and broke down in front of media.

After this emergency situation, Uttar Pradesh government has started a massive search operation to bring back Mr. Khan’s buffaloes. News channels on the other hand went bonkers after getting report about Azam Khan’s buffaloes and have offered to help the local administration in finding Billo.

However, the plot by buffaloes seem to be backfiring as some reporters have been trying to look for the buffaloes in Saharanpur, and in the process discovering some truths that are not fit to be reported. To rectify this mistake, police has requested media to keep away from Saharanpur.

“Since the buffaloes wanted to deflect the media attention from Saharanpur, why would they roam around in this area?” wondered Uttar Pradesh DGP.

“Media should look into other directions,” he advised.