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Babulal Gaur awarded honorary doctorate by SP School of Sociology

06, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Lucknow. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Babulal Gaur was today conferred an honorary doctorate by Samajwadi Party School of Sociology (SPSS) in recognition for his unprecedented and extraordinary contribution to the field of human social behavior.

The honor comes just hours after Babulal’s though-provoking statement, where he argued that rape was just a social crime and “sometimes right and sometimes wrong”.

Prior to this revelation by the BJP leader, rape was misunderstood as a law and problem for which local administration could be held accountable. However, Mr. Gaur demonstrated that there was nothing Uttar Pradesh administration could do, giving a certificate of innocence to Mulayam Singh Yadav and his Chief Minister son.

Father-son duo doing the honors.
Father-son duo doing the honors.

Today, the father-son duo, who are also Director and Dean respectively at SPSS, decided to return the favor by awarding a Ph.D degree to Babulal Gaur.

“He was watching Babulal comment about rapes on TV and was totally awestruck by astute boldness of his thoughts. He suddenly called out to me in excitement and asked with tears in eyes ‘don’t you think this chap sounds a lot like me’,” a close aide of Mulayam disclosed how the senior Yadav was hugely impressed.

This is the first time SPSS has recognized and honored a person from another political party. Samajwadi Party’s in-house sociologists like Ram Gopal Yadav, Abu Azmi, and Azam Khan had earlier received similar honors from the institute headquartered in Saifai.

“We will never ask Mr Gaur to join our party as we feel every party needs such visionary leaders who can replicate our Uttar Pradesh model across India,” confirmed Akhilesh Yadav, Dean of SPSS.

“His thoughts will shape up thoughts of our students who will be in a better position to analyze their mistakes and work towards reforming the society,” Mulayam Singh Yadav claimed while giving the honorary degree to Mr. Gaur.

Babulal Gaur was visibly ecstatic with this honor.

“It is indeed a privilege to receive a doctorate from SPSS, an institute world famous for undertaking research and development in scenarios where the laws of the land are done away with. This is like training astronauts to live in a situation where the law of gravity can’t be felt,” he said.

Meanwhile with so many politicians openly defending and batting for rapists, criminal lawyers across India fear being out of work sooner than later.