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Bangalore landlords claim house rent from Modi after "Ghar Ghar Modi" campaign

26, Mar 2014 By hemanz

Bangalore. As per recent developments, there has been a huge uproar amongst High tech city’s landlords to claim house rent from Mr. Narendra Modi after BJP issued campaign slogans titled “Ghar Ghar Modi”.

Former half of the campaign slogan has been judiciously omitted by the complainants to avoid giving blind supporters a chance to claim hurt religious sentiments.

Mr. Mohan, owning a house in in Sarjapur ORR, angrily mentioned in his statement, “How can he stay in our houses without paying any of the rent? He should at least be paying monthly rent, if not the advance payment, at least till the month of May. I was really shocked to know he has been staying in our houses after I heard of the slogan.”

Narendra Modi
The slogan that has led residents of Bangalore to demand rent from Modi

Most of the landlords owning houses in the hotshot localities closer to IT companies, have supported the claim, going on to quote the rent amounts that runs in lakhs. They say that the reason for this huge rent amount is Modi’s alleged partnership with Adanis & Ambanis. They also provided links to AK (Arvind Kejriwal) rally speeches as evidence and proof of this partnership.

Meanwhile, BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitaraman mercilessly rubbished the claim, claiming it to be propaganda spread by AAP members and supporters in order to defame Modi.

She said, “This is totally rubbish. The claim has only been made in Bangalore with high IT crowd with nothing to do i.e a bigger AAP base.”

Times Now also wasted no time in tweeting and claiming that it as an AAP strategy to undermine ‘Modi Wave’ by using hashtags like #AAPPropaganda. Chetan Bhagat immediately retweeted that tweet.

BJP leader Narendra Modi, in a private interview to a reporter from Pandora, agreed to pay any due amount of rent, but only to Hindu Nationalist owners.

BJP senior leaders LK Advani, Sushma Swaraj, and Jaswant Singh expressed their discomfort against the decision. Jaswant Singh credited it to yet another Namo Namo tamasha.

Rahul Gandhi rejected the news claiming it to be fake propaganda as Bangalore might not be even located in India and should be closer to Lahore as the rhyme goes. Digvijay Singh supported his claim and blamed RSS for showing Bangalore at wrong place in the maps.

Immediately after the news broke out, Modi supporters immediately started logging in to various social networking sites throwing defensive arguments and various graphs showing data to claim Bangalore real estate prices to be going down.

The issue was unresolved till reports last came in.