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Bangladesh demands re-election in Assam after BJP's win, says they didn’t get to vote

20, May 2016 By Ajayendar Reddy

Dhaka: Stunned by the thumping victory of BJP in the Assam state elections, Bangladesh has today demanded that elections should be held again in the state.

Assam election
These images shocked Bangladeshi people this morning

Though the statement hasn’t come directly from PM Sheikh Hasina, our sources have told us that she is in agreement with the demand.

A Bangladesh government spokesperson slammed Indian Election Commission for holding Assam and West Bengal elections so close to one another. “We just checked today’s newspapers and found out that BJP has formed government in Assam. A lot of our people thought they were only allowed one vote and ended up voting in West Bengal and missed out on voting in Assam. This is against the spirit of democracy. In fact, we want to put it on record that this is the murder of democracy,” he cried.

BJP leaders have already hinted that they will come down hard on the illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Assam. CM elect Sarbananda Sonowal has already said that his first priority will be to cancel voter ids of illegal immigrants and sealing India-Bangladesh border. This statement hasn’t gone down well in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh Exports Minister Gaffar Khan came down hard on Rahul Gandhi for the poor performance in the state they held for so long. “We were assured by Congress and AUDF that they will comfortably beat BJP in Assam, therefore we didn’t focus on Assam and concentrated on Bengal elections. Now this BJP victory has come as a huge shock to us. BJP will only encourage xenophobia against Bangladesh and badly affect our export of Bangladeshis to India. We never trusted Congress that much but now we suspect even AUDF is hand in glove with the BJP”, he thundered.

When we asked the esteemed minister what actions will they take if Election Commission of India didn’t accept their demand, he said,”India will see strong reaction if they don’t agree to our demands. We will recall all the maids working in the Indian capital Delhi and then we will see how they manage without them.”

On being asked whether there is anything else India can do if they are unable to hold re-elections, the minister said, “Well, they can always accept that THAT was not a no ball.”