Bangladeshis excited about creation of empty space by people planning to leave India once Modi wins

21, Apr 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. With people threatening to leave India or getting threatened of being deported to Pakistan if Narendra Modi came to power, Bangladeshis are eying this potential empty space.

Sources tell that People in Bangladesh have been expressing their happiness by bursting crackers after each voluntary announcement of leaving India or threat of deportation to Pakistan.

Crowd in Dhaka shouting ‘Abki baar Modi sarkar’.

“We are not going to snatch something, we are just migrating to fill the empty space, just like air and liquid flow into empty space. Earlier when we used to infiltrate, there was a guilt feeling, but now it’s fair and justified,” said a Bangladeshi while talking to Faking News, “If Indians think that we Bangladeshis don’t care for India, they are wrong. We do care for India, it’s like our own home.”

Excited by the prospects of Modi coming to power, many people in Bangladesh and Bangladeshis living in India have started rooting for Narendra Modi in 2014 general elections.

“Initially, we were not in mood to vote for Modi. But ever since people started promising to leave India if Modi becomes PM and thereby help in reducing country’s population, we changed our mind,” explained Abdul Gafoor, a Bangladeshi living in Assam.

“In my village, a couple of such people are there who had decided to infiltrate into Bhutan, but now they are hopeful of coming to India. I will invite them,” Gafoor revealed his future plan, amidst chant of ‘Abki bar Modi sarkar‘ by his fellow family members.

“Modi surely means hope,” he added.

But unlike Gafoor, many Bangladeshis living in India are not coming out openly in support of Modi, as they are expected to show their political loyalty to so called secular parties. “If we say it openly, most probably they will send us back to Bangladesh,” feared one Bangladeshi Modi supporter.

However, sources say that secular parties, which were earlier worried by outflow of secular votes from India, are quite happy with possible inflow of minorities from Bangladesh.

“By 2019, we will convince them to vote for us. It’s zero loss,” quipped a leader from one of the secular parties.