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BCCI hires Akhilesh Yadav to prepare bouncy wickets after most of his governments farmer compensation cheques bounce

22, Apr 2015 By shridhar

Lucknow. What do you do when your state government issues a cheque as compensation and it bounces? Sounds bizarre? Its a very unique feat achieved by UP government and Akhilesh government should be given full credit for this achievement. BCCI was quick to recognize and also award Akhilesh government. BCCI has hired Akhilesh as cheif pitch curator. The reason behind this is that BCCI wants to create bouncy pitches in India.

Akhilesh Yadav laughing after Raina requested for a meeting following this news
Akhilesh Yadav laughing after Raina requested for a meeting following this news

UP government showed its good intentions by announcing compensation to farmers who are effected by untimely rains. The government followed up by issuing cheques worth 2o crores to farmers but when farmers tried to cash them, most of the cheques bounced and this has incurred fines worth 25 crores on the government.One organization with a keen sense for talent reacted swiftly to this incident and hired Akhilesh Yadav immediately.We talked to BCCI chief Daal-mein Kala-Miya about this.

Kekdekar : Sir, You could have hired Vijay Malya. He also has a strong resume.

Daal-mein Kala-Miya : Well, very valid question. Vijay Malyas cheque bounces only when his Airlines employees try to cash it and that number is very small. When you compare that to what Akhilesh has achieved, Vijay Malya does not stand a chance.

Kekdekar : What are the other qualities that impressed you ?

Daal-mein Kala-miya : His government issued cheques for amounts such as 73 rupees , 150 rupess, 750 rupees and so on. Even many of those cheques bounced.  This is what has impressed me the most.

Kekdekar : So what is your plan ?

Daal-mein Kala-Miya : Many teams in the WorldCup( IPL ) have good fast bowlers. They are complaining that we don’t have bouncy wickets. With Akhilesh as chief curator, by next WorldCup (IPL -9 ) we will have a wicket that will have more bounce that Perth.

Wicket in India bouncier than Perth sounds a really great thing for Indian cricket. Hopefully, BCCI will also hire some farmers to grow grass on those bouncy pitches.