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Beckham voted sexiest man; Congress cries foul, says ‘It was Rahul Gandhi but Modi fudged results during UK visit’

19, Nov 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: The blame game between Congress and BJP has now reached the list of sexiest man alive. David Beckham’s name as the sexiest man alive has not gone down well with the Congress party.

Beckham sexiest man? Congress party thinks otherwise
Beckham sexiest man? Congress party thinks otherwise

The party alleges that the results have been doctored by none other than PM Narendra Modi and the original list had Rahul Gandhi voted as the sexiest man.

Speaking to Faking News, Mani Shankar Iyer who is a member of the Indian National Congress said, “I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that Shri. Rahul Gandhi topped the list of sexiest man alive. But, PM Modi, who on the pretext of UK visit, managed to get David Beckham on top of the list. I think Modi wanted to please the officials in UK that is why he pushed Mr. Beckham’s name.”

“If British citizenship was the criteria then Subramanian Swamy has documents and he has proved that Rahul is a British citizen. Why is PM Modi not giving Rahul what rightfully belongs to him?” questioned Mr. Iyer.

No official statement was made by the party, however the spokesperson for the party said, “Till we get adequate proof we cannot make any official statement, but we are sure that just like election results, these results too have been doctored. BJP has not been able to digest the Bihar poll debacle and that is why they are targeting Rahulji. The voting process was not transparent and we will grill PM Modi and his party on this issue in Parliament when the winter session starts.”

The Party is also planning to conduct its own ‘internal survey’ to find out ‘the sexiest, cutest, handsome and most eligible Congressi alive’.

BJP however has denied all allegations labeled by Congress party. A senior party leader said, “He is just desperate for some award and recognition, which he can later return citing intolerance. We feel sorry for Rahul.”