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Been opposing BJP and RSS for 7000 years, claims AAP leader

24, Feb 2014 By Mahesh Jagga

New Delhi. In a sensational claim, a senior AAP leader (name withheld on request) has claimed that he and his party have been fighting the fascism of the BJP and the RSS for over 7000 years.

He was responding to a paid and corrupt reporter’s questions on tendency of AAP to drag BJP and Narendra Modi’s name while opposing Congress’ corruption.

Kaikeyi protesting to banish Rama from Ayodhya

Stunned reporters pointed to the impossibility of the idea as AAP was only two years old, while BJP was founded around 30 years back and RSS was founded in the last century.

Clarifying their doubts, the leader stated, “AAP as an idea was alive 7000 years back and as per the oldest recorded version of mythology. The founding member of AAP was Manthara, who protested against the dynastic and VIP culture of Dashratha in appointing his eldest son Rama as the crown prince, ignoring the claims of another AAP member Bharata.”

“She inspired Kaikeyi to sit on what was probably the first ever dharna of the world. We are proud that this dharna was successful, like the one undertaken recently by our leader Arvind Kejriwal was, and Dasharatha was forced give in to Kaikeyi’s demands and anoint Bharata as the new king, like LG Delhi and MHA had to in the recent case,” he added further.

This Faking News reporter, who had recovered from the initial shock, pointed out that Bharata too was Dasharatha’s son, so he was not qualified to be an AAP member.

“You become an AAP member by what you do. Bharata never sat on the throne, always squatted on the ground near it, so like our current leader Arvind Kejriwal sleeping near his Wagon R,” the AAP leader clarified why Bharat was an aam aadmi.

Having shocked the gathering into silence with his sensational claims, the leader continued, “Even during Mahabharata, our leader Karna was the natural heir to the throne but his right was denied. He had to take support of Kauravas, like we took support of Congress recently. Karna fought well, as we are doing now. Though he eventually lost but not before doing incalculable damage to Pandvas, like we are trying to do now to Modi.”

“In fact, our internal lokpal is investigating as to who was the real owner of the Pushpak Viman used by Rama for travelling from Lanka to Ayodhya. Another case being investigated by Lokpal is whether Yudhishthira had paid the compensation to the six villages he acquired as per prevailing rates. Expect our press conference on these two exposes soon,” the leader concluded and left without answering any further questions.