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Bhutanese delegation to Rajya Sabha impressed by Manmohan Singh's silence sitting amidst shouting parliamentarians

12, Aug 2015 By manithan

New Delhi: A delegation from Bhutan landed in Rajya Sabha on Monday to take a look at the proceedings of Parliament houses of our country. They were impressed by the functioning of Rajya Sabha and they showed more eagerness in meeting our ex-PM Manmohan Singh.

“In our short visit to your country, we had seen a Silent Buddha and a Smiling Buddhu,” replied one junior delegate member, who knew Hindi.

Our reporter met with the Bhutanese delegation outside the guest houses where they were relaxing. A senior member of the delegation was kind enough to answer our questions.

When asked about their experience in Rajya Sabha, he said, “It was a scintillating experience, to say the least. We get to see Jackie Chan movies on laptops, but this is the first time, we saw some real action. The sound that we heard in that commotion is the loudest we had ever heard, apart from the sound of thunder and Arnab’s voice from TV sets in neighboring Assam taking our silent and serene nation like a thunderstorm.”

Taking a pause, he continued, “However, we found something very unique in all these disturbances. We believe that the left side portion of your House to be the ‘shouting portion’ and the right side to be the ‘silent portion’. As soon as your Speaker read about our visit, there was chaos and confusion in the left side. We saw everyone on the ‘shouting side’ shouting their lungs out. But, one person, with a turban on his head, he was very silent. We felt like he sat on the wrong side that day. He was seen sporting a spectacle and was wearing a blue turban. I could not recollect his name, but we had seen him in Bhutan few years ago.”

“Almost all of my friends felt astonished at the posture of that person. He was sitting like Buddha, so calm and peaceful, when there was chaos all around him. How can it be possible? We are totally impressed by him. We heard your PM Modi talk in our Parliament and we saw your Parliament too. From a land where people shout like they had swallowed loudspeakers, we are amazed to see such a calm and soothing face. He must be your national treasure,” concluded the old and wise Bhutanese delegate.

The delegation was later informed that he is none other than former PM Manmohan Singh. Delegates accepted that they could not remember, but added that ‘the delegation is eager to meet Manmohan Singh and hear his words’.

“Surely, his words must be most precious. Every word from a calm person is like a diamond found in river silt, my spiritual teacher told,” said another member of the delegation.