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Big MNCs approach Kejriwal for degree verification and background checks of new hires

08, May 2016 By Gaurav Mittal

Mumbai: Several major MNCs operating in India have approached Delhi CM Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to provide his services for background checks and degree verification of potential recruits.

This has happened after Kejriwal took up the initiative to verify educational credentials of PM of India Narendra Modi and created a stir in media by stating that PM Modi degree is fake without even looking at it. Even FBI sleuths struggle to verify documents at this speed and Kejriwal’s reputation has grown by leaps and bounds after this.

Kejriwal checking Modi’s degree

Not just educational qualifications, MNCs are looking at Mr. Kejriwal to provide character certificates of the applicants as well. Earlier, he used to inform Indians who is corrupt and who is not just by looking at the face of the person.  Corrupt politicians still takes solace in the fact that Kejriwal never called them corrupt although legal courts of India have declared them corrupt based on the available evidence. Now it seems verifying documents and degrees is Kejriwal’s latest venture.

Anita Rai, HR head of a leading software firm which has asked for Kejriwal’s services, is optimistic that Kejriwal will come on board to assist them. “We hire thousands every year and we are not sure who has a real degree and experience letter. Once our newly hired CEO was later found out to be just 10th pass. We need people such as Kejriwal who are passionate about degrees.”

Ashutosh, who left all important work and went to Delhi University to find PM Bachelor’s degree, spoke to us over phone and said, “Sometimes Arvind Ji is unable to tell by looking at someone’s face if degree is genuine or not so we have to go to the University to check. Very soon I will be heading to Yale as well to look for Smriti Irani’s degree.”

When Ashutosh was asked why they didn’t check Jitender Tomar’s degree with such diligence, he disconnected the phone.

It is still not clear whether Kejriwal will be able to provide his services to these firms considering his busy schedule of tweeting about PM, watching new movies, protesting at Jantar-Mantar, holding Press conferences and eulogizing AAP government in Delhi on FM Radio.