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Bigg Boss to place their cameras in Samajwadi party’s head office, will show Yadav family dispute this year

15, Sep 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: Reality TV show Bigg Boss is set for a return for its 10th season next month and this time they are coming up with a big twist. Instead of inviting forgotten celebrities to the Bigg Boss house, this time Bigg Boss will go to the house of the celebrities, and the celebrities will be Mulayam Singh Yadav’s family in UP.

Kaun banega Bigg Boss
Kaun banega Bigg Boss

Impressed by all the infighting, comments behind each other’s back, Bigg Boss has zeroed in on Samajwadi Party Head Office as the perfect place to shoot the next season. The season will run its usual length, from October to February next year, right till the voting begins in UP.

Explaining the rationale behind their decision, a Bigg Boss executive said,”What do people expect in a Bigg Boss house, politics, bitching, family members fighting, munh bole family members fighting, and at the end of the week, Salman Khan. Now we are getting all of that right here in the Yadav family and friends group so why do we waste our time elsewhere when our show is ready for us, we just need to put in the cameras. All these fights, arguments, fake fights between these nephews and uncles, and son and father, this will be gripping Television.”

“Then there is always a guy in Bigg Boss who is busy mediating and trying to pacify everyone, we have that too in Amar Singh. People may also like this nice twist of watching politicians instead of TV actors, this is perfect for us. Maybe we can convince Mulayam Singh Ji to be the Bigg Boss as well, forcing everyone to do what he wants”, the executive added.

When we mentioned that some people are calling this entire Samajwadi party fight a staged drama, the executive winked at us and asked ,”And Bigg Boss isn’t?”