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Bihar govt to rename Mujaffarpur as Mujaffarpore to set it on a path of development

27, Nov 2015 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Bihar: The Nitish led and Tejaswi backed Bihar government has decided to rename Mujaffarpur as Mujaffarpore in one of its 1st decisions after assuming power.

Nitish Kumar is all eyes to the idea of Mujjafarpore
Nitish Kumar is all eyes to the idea of Mujjafarpore

They hope to attract serious attention and hope for an increase in Mujaffarpur’s brand value. Mujaffarpur which until now is only famous for its Lychees hopes to become much more.

This move comes in the light of PM’s recent visit to Singapore and how it has been classified as near to a perfect world as it gets.

We asked one Bihar minister about this surprise move and how a name even mattered and he replied, “Well you see only name matters, if your name belongs to a minority community or to a lower caste of course you will get more respect and preference from us. Because you matter more to us and our agenda. Now tell me if our Tejaswi Yadav didn’t have the family name or the dyanstic name of a powerful leader would it have been possible for him to become the deputy CM? You see how important a name is, it makes or breaks fortunes! See how Mujaffarpur starts attracting attention after the change.”

Another leader said, “It is a very wise move, had Singapore been named Singapur would it have generated the same amount of goodwill or success? Of course not! Just see how development and FDI will start to roll in and everything will set itself right after people realise how chic modern and hot Mujaffarpore sounds. My Bangalore based kids would love it.”

When reminded by our reporter that Singapore actually became what it is due to hard work, honesty, discipline of its leaders and its citizens the Minister just laughed and exclaimed, “Budbak ho kya! Koi aur kaam dhundo!”

The Bihar government is now thinking of making Arvind Kejriwal the chief guest in the name changing ceremony where Lalu hopes Kejriwal would unknowingly sign an honesty certificate.