BJP and AAP promise investment in Yes Bank to attract votes of retail investors

06, Feb 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: Having promised everything for free ahead of Delhi elections on the 8th of this month, political parties are running out of things to promise during their speeches in the capital.

tiwari keju

Now the 2 parties in the running, ruling AAP and opposition BJP have promised to bring investment in Yes Bank to try and get the votes of retail investors living in the capital.

As the price of Yes Bank share dropped steadily from around 400 to 40, several retail investors have been trying to catch the bottom over the last 18 months, without any success. While the Bank waits for fresh investment, speculators have been having fun in the market, playing with the blood pressure of these investors. Now, political parties have stepped in and promised to end this uncertainty in exchange of votes in Delhi.

Aam Aadmi Party’s every-post-holder Arvind Kejriwal announced at his rally in the morning that he will make sure he finds the investors within next 30 days if he becomes CM again.

Mr. Kejriwal said that being a former IRS officer, he knows everyone who has spare cash in their bank accounts, and he will make them invest that money in the bank, to take the share price back in 3 digits.

Responding to that promise, BJP leader Manoj Tiwari said that he will bring investment within 3 days and that too 5 times the investment promised by Arvind Kejriwal. Mr. Tiwari also promised that if Kejriwal is taking the share price to 3 digits then BJP will take it to 15 digits!

Meanwhile, Delhi Congress leaders were seen buying Yes Bank shares.