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BJP agrees to share Netflix password as a last resort to keep Shiv Sena away from Congress-NCP

11, Nov 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai.   Shiv Sena is in the closing stages of making a deal with the Congress and NCP to form the government in Maharashtra. But BJP, as a last resort has agreed to do something they have never done before. They have agreed to share their Netflix password to keep Shiv Sena away from Congress-NCP.

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Sharing the Netflix password is the epitome of convincing someone or showing friendship for someone. For many years it was sharing the last piece of Pizza, but in this digital world, Netflix password has taken that place.

On Sunday, the Sharad Pawar-led NCP agreed to come together with the Sena on the condition that the latter cut ties with BJP, quit NDA and evolve a common minimum programme. Shiv Sena had asked for the Netflix credentials in their last meeting with BJP but Devendra Fadnavis did not agree. Now that Amit Shah had a meeting with Devendra, the BJP unit of Maharashtra has agreed to share the credentials.

Faking News spoke to Devendra Fadnavis and he had this to say, “ I know it is a tough moment for us, but we had to do this for the people of Maharashtra. We will share the password for only 5 years, after which Shiv Sena will have to buy their own premium account of Netflix.”