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BJP and AAP targetting each other only for second place in Delhi elections: Congress

15, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Congress for first time has admitted that the upcoming Delhi elections would be a two cornered fight between BJP and AAP, but only for second position.

Congress’ Delhi election campaign head Ajay Maken today claimed that it was for the same reason that he wasn’t really worried about Narendra Modi ignoring Congress and targeting only AAP during his Ramlila Maidan rally.

Maken showing the number of seats he alone  will win in Delhi.
Maken showing the number of seats he alone will win in Delhi.

“The fight is not at all about who will win. That is almost given that Congress is winning. The fight is for runners up position. And for that I agree both BJP and AAP are strong contenders and there is a close fight,” a confident Ajay Maken told Faking News.

He claimed that both AAP and BJP have already conceded defeat by not even talking about congress.

“They may not show it, but they too like voters agree that Congress ruled Delhi well for 15 years and that it’s tried and trusted, and are hence only attacking each other,” said Maken.

Maken further pointed to virtually no campaigning by Congress as another sign of how confident party was of emerging victorious in Delhi.

“That’s why Rahul Ji and Sonia Ji are not even doing any rallies in Delhi. It’s as pointless as India cricket team practicing before a match against Kenya,” Maken explained.

“Therefore instead of wasting time, they are already planning about the development work that we will do once we are back to power in Delhi,” Maken further revealed.

When asked that if Congress was so confident of its win in Delhi, why did ex CM Sheila Dixit say that Congress may again support AAP, Maken shot back, “You got it wrong. Sheila Ji was only talking about giving emotional support to AAP once they are declared losers posts elections. You see in last few months, no other party has faced so many defeats as much as we have. It’s our moral duty to help other using that experience.”