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BJP asks Kapil Sibal to become the new CM of Karnataka

28, Jul 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Bangalore. In a dramatic development, BJP has offered Kapil Sibal, senior congress leader and union minister of various portfolios, to take up the job of Chief Minister of Karnataka, once BS Yeddyurappa resigns. BJP believes that after taking over from Yeddyurappa, Sibal can successfully defend the actions taken by the office of CM in the illegal mining case and pave way for return of BSY at some time in future.

“If Sibal ji wants he can join BJP, or he can act in personal capacity and take it up as an independent consulting job,” BJP President Nitin Gadkari said, “It is not at all strange for lawyers to help people from opposition parties in distress. Remember Ram Jethmalani had defended Kanimozhi even though he was a member of BJP.”

Kapil Sibal
Sibal reacts after being asked if he would like to be the CM of Karnataka

“We have been forced to outsource work that our in-house lawyers have been unable to do,” BJP leader Sushma Swaraj interjected, which appeared as a veiled attack on Arun Jaitley. Gadkari later played down the statement and reiterated that the party was united on the issue of hiring Kapil Sibal.

BJP is hoping that Kapil Sibal would defend every action and decision of Karnataka CM’s office the same way as he had been defending every action of Telecom Ministry, even though A Raja is in jail for the same actions.

“We find some parallels and we believe Sibal ji can do a good job,” Gadkari explained, “There was a CAG report there and there is a Lokayukta report here, kickbacks appeared to have been paid as investment in a TV channel there and it appears to have been paid as a donation to a Trust here, and there were Maran brothers there and we have the Reddy brothers here.”

“Sibal ji has dealt with that situation and we think he can help us deal with this situation,” Gadkari said, “Even here he can argue that the BJP government was just following the policies set by the JD-S government of H D Kumaraswamy, as he has been arguing for Telecom Ministry following the ‘first come first serve’ policy set by the NDA government for 2G spectrum allocation.”

“Similar arguments can be made even in the case of land scams under Yeddyurappa government so that when BSY returns from a break, he doesn’t have to fight another battle over corruption charges,” BJP President hoped.

Kapil Sibal or Congress has not reacted to the BJP proposal but sources indicate that the two parties are warming up to the idea of helping each other in corruption cases before Anna Hazare and team restart their anti-corruption campaign after a couple of days.