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BJP asks next election be held on Twitter after Congress loses series of Twitter polls

20, Sep 2017 By Guest Patrakar

That time is gone when  Indian democracy had four leading pillars. Now it has five such pillars with fifth being the Social Media. In the 21st century, social media is playing a vital role in the formation of government. Political parties are now realizing its potential and are trying to spread their positive influence there.

Currently, BJP has the maximum number of supporters on social media and hence it is easily winning polls conducted on such platforms. In a press conference on Sunday, BJP president Amit Shah urged election commissioner to conduct the next Loksabha elections on twitter. 

Right from 2014 elections, BJP had a strong grip on Twitter and has maintained it till date. It was after losing the 2014 Lok Sabha election, that Congress realized the power of social media. Party Vice President Rahul Gandhi has asked all the INC members to be active on various social media platforms. Rahul Gandhi himself doesn’t have any social media account and his office account @OfficeOfRG tweets his whereabouts. 

Congress’s official handle has started a new hashtag, #KnowYourLegacy, under which it conducts polls. The aim of the poll is to make people aware about various good work that congress has done during its regime. What congress is trying to do is not going its way. People are not believing that congress has done any good work and in a majority of polls winner is usually someone linked with BJP.

Congress has alleged BJP supporters of booth capturing. Allegedly, a few anti-congress elements are manipulating the polls and making BJP people win the polls.  This is not only creating a wrong impression of congress among youths but also showing people’s lack of trust in congress. 

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal has blamed BJP for Congress’ poor performance in Twitter polls. Arvind Kejriwal in Delhi assembly said, “Ye BJP wale twitter polls hack kar lete hain.. aur kuch to logon se phone maang k poll karke phone wapis kar dete hain.. Maine dekha hai ji. Maine vote congress ko diya tha magar wo chala gaya BJP ko.. ye sab modi ji karwa rahe hain.

Election commission has not reacted to Amit Shah’s request yet but it has certainly led to a lesson for Congress social media, which is now avoiding BJP members in its polls. But it seems Congress is not having acche din that’s why even when BJP members aren’t there in the poll people are making NOTA win.