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BJP asks Pollard to put the same tape he was wearing on Sakshi Maharaj's mouth

28, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Fed up of the stupid statements issued by Sakshi Maharaj every now and then, senior leadership from BJP has approached MI player Keiron Pollard, requesting him to put the same tape he was wearing on his mouth a few days back, on Sakshi’s mouth.

The decision was taken after latest statement of Sakshi Maharaj where he claimed that Rahul Gandhi’s Kedarnath visit caused Nepal earthquake.

“Since he does not appear to be sensible enough like Kiran Bedi, to shut himself, we have sought help from Pollard Ji to do the needful,” confirmed BJP president Amit Shah.

“The tape seemed to have worked in his case as we hardly saw him get verbally involved in anything on field,” Shah pointed.

BJP's last option.
BJP’s last option.

When told they could still defend Sakshi’s statements through their spokesperson Sambit Patra, Shah argued, “No, that’s even riskier. We fear in his bid to defend such statements from Sakshi, he will mouth a statement even more stupid than original and then we will have to send someone to defend that statement.”

Some of the other measures taken by BJP to tackle menace of Sakshi Maharaj include uninstallation of whatsapp from his mobile, confiscation of Nirmal Baba CDs and keeping a tab on his meetings with some SP leaders like Abu Azmi, Azam Khan etc.

BJP has also approached AAP leader Ashutosh to teach their spokespersons the art of shedding crocodile tears on TV, as that seems to be their last resort to defend Sakshi.

“We are sure a certain Sambit Patra crying on TV, saying ‘ispe gandi rajneeti mat kariye Sonia ji’ will definitely have an impact and touch the right chords,” claimed Amit Shah.

Meanwhile many opposition parties and media personnel, who were earlier after BJP to take action against the likes of Sakshi Maharaj, were now seen lamenting how Modi led BJP was curtailing free speech of a fellow MP.

“By putting Tape on a respected leader’s mouth, dictator Modi is trying to muzzle voices of dissent. This is shameful,” said Digvijay Singh. “My career would have been over if Congress had leadership like BJP.”